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Oct 25 '13

The LADIES OF LITERATURE zine is now available for online pre-order! Featuring the work of 36 talented artists, this volume includes 56 pages of female book characters and authors spanning several genres and time periods!


CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS: Abigail Malate | Alex Bahena | Amanda Scurti | Amelia Chia | Andy Lee | Arielle Jovellanos | Ava Nguyen | Brigid Vaughn | Chantal El-Bikai | Desiree Surjadi | Diana Huh | Emily Ho | Erica Chan | Grace Fong | Grisselle Rivera | Jackie Yang | Janet Sung | Jenny Xu | Karina McBeth | Katrina Richter | Katy Farina | Kirsten Sjursen-Lien | Kristen Acampora | Kristen Davis | Laura MacMahon | Lily Luo | Lily Pfaff | Michelle Hiraishi | Pablo Leon | Paulina HoPenny Candy Studios | Rachel Royale | Trung Le Nguyen | Viktoria Ridzel | Xiao Li | Yssa Badiola

Teaser art by Trung Le Nguyen (Gerda and the Snow Queen), Grace Fong (Alanna of Trebond, Daine Sarrasri, Luna Lovegood, and Hermione Granger), Viktoria Ridzel (Bianca di Angelo), and Rachel Royale (Persephone).

All proceeds are being donated to charity projects promoting classroom literacy. First 20 orders include a free gift! Please allow at least one month for turnaround time. Also note: A few pieces feature language and tasteful nudity.

Edited and produced by Arielle Jovellanos with a little help from the fierce and fabulous Janet Sung.

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